Chasing the Sunshine in Lanzarote

Since London ‘spring’ was an anticlimax, Dan and I decided to chase the sunshine and head to one of the beautiful Canary Islands – Lanzarote. The island is known to attract all kinds of athletes from cyclists, triathletes and a lot of Europes big surfers; however we decided to take a skip on an active holiday and settled for a  low key vibe with lots of beach time, sunshine, good food and some yoga from time to time.

We stayed in small towns to avoid the masses and were able to find some local spots that that turned out to be absolute gems.



La Asomada

IMG_0446 copy

Our first two nights we stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in La Asomada. I was blown away at how beautiful the architecture was, especially as it incorporated a Moroccan feel.



Chilling out in the court yard. The eucalyptus tree above me is three hundred years old.



La Santa


We stayed in La Santa for our remaining three nights. The town is in the north of the island and Dan chose this spot as its known for its epic waves, particularly the break right in front of our apartment known as ‘the slab’. Unfortunately (to Dans utter disappointment) we narrowly missed the Atlantic swell and there weren’t many waves available, but this view from our balcony, looking onto the point break, more than made up for it.


Yoga on the rooftop while the sun was showing off.



We spent a morning in Teguise. This beautiful town is known for its Sunday markets with a variety of clothing, crafts and delicious food.


Dan found his new favourite hat at the market.



Timanfaya National Park


We spent another morning at the national park. As you enter the park, the landscape completely changes to volcanic wastelands; its quite something to behold with amazing craters still blowing steam out of them. The restartaunt in the park even serves food cooked over the heat of the still active volcano!


Yes! You can take a camel ride up one of the volcano’s if you fancy.

IMG_0405 copy

One of the craters of the volcano.


James del Agua


A beautiful oasis in the middle of nowhere.




My two favourite beaches



Papagayo Beach

FullSizeRender 3

Playa Les Mujeres


La Graciosa


I highly recommend taking a 15 minute ferry from Orzola across to the little island of La Graciosa. This was hands down the best day we had; the island is mostly a national park with very few inhabitants who speak very limited english.


We had fresh fish on the beach in the harbor town with our feet in the sand.



There were no tar roads, just sand and 4×4’s. You are also able to rent bikes and cycle around the island and to explore the deserted beaches.


We walked down the coast and found this breathtaking beach, Playa Francesa.


The perfect end to a day in the sun. I’m a sucker for ice scream.



Our Airbnb host recommend this authentic wine farm not far from La Asomada. Bodega La Querencia.


Mediterranean diet at its best. Home made cheese & wine, home grown tomatoes, bread and olive oil.

IMG_0412 copy


The wine farm had so much character.


El Pescador is a small restaurant on the beach in Playa Quemada.


The seafood was delicious. Octopus, fresh dorado and seabass.




The landscape as we travelled around the island. I would definitely recommend renting a car to explore the island.


G’day mate!! Thanks to Dan my man for the awesome company!


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